Discover the essence of MAYA WONG, a distinctive fashion brand rooted in the vibrant tapestry of Bangkok. Founded by the visionary designer and passionate artist, Maya Wongwutiyan, this iconic brand has emerged as a testament to a childhood dream fulfilled after graduating in Fashion Design.

For Maya, the journey has always been about creating a lasting and meaningful legacy, a dream nurtured since early childhood. At the heart of MAYA WONG lies his profound artistic vision, a force that harmoniously binds all creations. Core tenets include the art of standing out in a crowd, fostering creativity, and embracing the exquisite beauty of individuality. Maya is a steadfast advocate for the new generation’s potential to usher in gender equality, a belief that resonates through every design, where freedom of expression takes center stage, and individuals are encouraged to be authentically themselves.

The iconic MAYA WONG rectangle label, a visual homage to the designer’s birthday on December 24th, encapsulates a rich narrative. The numerical arrangement 24-12 ingeniously crafts a rectangular ratio of 2:1, symbolizing the brand’s distinctive visual identity. Beyond being a logo, it serves as a metaphorical gateway, inviting individuals into a world where diversity and freedom are not just celebrated but exalted.

In the curated realm of MAYA WONG, breaking rules is not mere rebellion; it is a proclamation of liberation. Each design is a canvas for celebrating individual expression, inviting everyone to embrace their freedom and break free from the constraints of conventional norms. Join us on a journey where every garment tells a story of diversity, freedom, and the unabashed beauty of being truly oneself. MAYA WONG invites you to revel in a world where breaking the rules is the first step to becoming truly free.

When the light appears, I’m black;
When I stand among the crowd, I’m red;
When the world is on fire, I’m blue.