Discover the essence of MAYA WONG, a unique fashion brand deeply rooted in the vibrant culture of Bangkok. Founded by visionary designer and passionate artist Maya Wongwutiyan, this iconic brand represents the fulfillment of a childhood dream following Maya’s graduation in Fashion Design.

For Maya, the journey has always been about creating a lasting and meaningful legacy, a dream nurtured since early childhood. At the core of MAYA WONG is Maya’s profound artistic vision, which binds all creations together harmoniously. Key values include the art of standing out, nurturing creativity, and celebrating the beauty of individuality. Maya passionately advocates for the potential of the new generation to promote gender equality, a belief reflected in every design. Here, freedom of expression takes center stage, encouraging individuals to embrace their true selves.

The iconic MAYA WONG rectangle label pays tribute to the designer’s birthday on December 24th and tells a meaningful story. The numbers 24-12 are cleverly arranged to create a rectangular shape with a 2:1 ratio, symbolizing the brand’s unique visual identity. More than just a logo, it acts as a symbolic entrance, welcoming people into a world where diversity and freedom are celebrated and honored.

In the world of MAYA WONG, going against the norm isn’t just about rebellion; it’s a declaration of freedom. Every design encourages you to express yourself uniquely and break away from traditional expectations. Come with us on a journey where each piece of clothing celebrates diversity, freedom, and the confident beauty of being yourself. MAYA WONG invites you to embrace a world where breaking free from rules is the first step to true liberation.

When the light appears, I’m black;
When I stand among the crowd, I’m red;
When the world is on fire, I’m blue.